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"The Dieson is an Excellent Gate at an Affordable Price".

The Dieson Backing Gate has been designed for rectangular yards and can be made to fit any application. The Gate is made of robust Aluminum and Steel construction. It offers excellent value for money being one of the lowest cost Gates on the market.

The Gate can be installed between milking and is cable operated with a retracting aluminum boom and has a proven all weather sealed drive unit.

It is available fully installed or as a kitset. The kitset comes complete except for electrical wiring and switches, less the posts etc to support the pulleys at the end of the yard away from the shed.


Read what customers say...

"We have had our Dieson since 1989 and would be lost without it. We milk 380 cows through a 22 aside Herringbone. Initially we saved 20 minutes a milking by not having to get out into the yard. The gate is simple to operate and maintain and is incredibly reliable. Another benefit was finishing milking with a cleaner yard as we are not constantly shifting all the cows. This also saved us time on yard washing".

Wilson James, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

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